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- bolex is a swiss company (bolex international s.a. of yverdon ) that manufactures motion picture cameras and lenses, the most notable
- bolex dementia is the second and final album by hard stuff , a 1970s british rock band. track listing ': 'sick n' tired' – 4:04 '
- bolexbrothers (alternatively bolex brothers) is an independent british animation studio based in bristol . the studio specialises in
- arri, aaton, auricon , beaulieu , bell and howell , bolex , canon , cinema products , eclair , keystone , krasnogorsk , mitchell , and others.
- leon narbey do some old-school shooting with a bolex . image:mccahon i am. jpg , the award winning documentary colin mccahon: i am ref colin
- bolex stereo ps 16 mm 0.67:1   , this is bolex stereo 1953 bolex stereo ps 16 mm 0.67:1   , this is progress 1953 dual 16 mm     ,
- in 1934 took a sales position with the swiss camera company paillard bolex . a paillard-bolex representative at the new york world’s fair .
- thought initially to be of inferior quality to 35mm, 16mm cameras continue to be manufactured today by the likes of bolex , arri and
- often used as a way to blend live actors with animated ones in a movie, such as in the secret adventures of tom thumb by the bolex brothers .
- he began by making documentaries while traveling through south america with his 16 mm bolex . he continued making documentaries in

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