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- belina (before 1948 be?a, biena; béna) is a village and municipality in the lu?enec district in the banská bystrica region of slovakia
- belina is a polish coat of arms . it was used by several szlachta families in the times of the polish-lithuanian commonwealth .
- saint belina was a roman catholic virgin martyr . a peasant girl from troyes , france , she was threatened with rape by the feudal lord
- belina b , e , ' , l , i , n , a is a village in the administrative district of gmina krasocin , within w?oszczowa county , ?wi?tokrzyskie
- gonimbrasia belina is a species of moth found in much of southern africa , whose large edible caterpillar , the mopani or mopane worm, is
- w?adys?aw zygmunt belina-pra?mowski (3 may 1888, in ruszkowiec – 13 october 1938, in venice ), was a polish cavalryman, colonel and
- micha? belina czechowski (september 25, 1818 – february 26, 1876) was a polish seventh-day adventist . on an individual level, he was the
- the various synonym s of dimiat include-ahorntraube, beglerdia, beglezsia, bekaszaju, bekaszölö, belezsi, belina, belina krupna,
- gouais , the french wine grape that shares this and other synonyms with gouais blanc , gueuche noir grobe , the german wine grape that is
- this system seemed to have questionable reliability; quatro rodas magazine did a long-term test of a belina 4x4 (50,000 km) in which

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