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Basis Ba"sis, n.; pl. Bases. [L. basis, Gr. ?. See Base, n.] 1. The foundation of anything; that on which a thing rests. --Dryden. 2. The pedestal of a column, pillar, or statue. [Obs.] If no basis bear my rising name. --Pope.

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- amrik 'mik' basi (born 21 may 1966 in forest gate in east london ) is a british boxing referee based at fairbairn boxing club in ilford
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- in october 2010, ministerial aides dave basi and bob virk pleaded guilty to breach of trust and receiving a benefit for leaking
- kaajjal - sabbki aankhon mein basi, commonly known as kaajjal, was an indian daily television serial that aired on sony entertainment
- basi revolt (1807): the basi revolt, also known as the ambaristo revolt, was a revolt undertaken from september 16 to 28, 1807.

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