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- date april 2011 date april 2011 a type of building and christianised site , the byzantine code of law , basilika file:le sacre coeur (paris
- the eikon basilike (greek. ????? ????????. the 'royal portrait'), the pourtrature of his sacred majestie in his solitudes and sufferings, was
- also basilike stoa. (???????? ????. both meaning royal stoa, was a stoa constructed in ancient athens in the 5th century bc. it was located
- the book's title is taken from the greek, and means 'iconoclast ' or 'breaker of the icon', and refers to eikon basilike , a royalist
- was an english bishop of exeter then bishop of worcester and writer, and the reputed author of the important royalist work eikon basilike .
- following the king's death, levett wrote a letter claiming that he had witnessed the king writing the so-called eikon basilike during his
- eikon basilike: image:eikon. png , william marshall's eikon basilike print was published entitled eikon basilike (e???? b???????, the 'royal
- the most important such corps was the imperial hetaireia (???????? ????????, basilik? hetaireia), composed chiefly of foreigners, which
- gregg , 1981 , p 445 this book, the eikon basilike (greek: the 'royal portrait'), contained an apologia for royal policies, and it proved
- after the banquet a copy of the eikon basilike was burnt, and a toast was made 'to those worthy patriots who killed the tyrant'.

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