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Tommy Atkins Tom"my At"kins Any white regular soldier of the British army; also, such soldiers collectively; -- said to be fictitious name inserted in the models given to soldiers to guide them in filling out account blanks, etc.

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- atkin is a surname. notable people with the surname include: a. o. l. atkin , british-american computational number theorist
- james richard atkin, baron atkin (28 november 1867 25 june 1944) was a lawyer and judge of australia n- welsh origin, who practised in
- arthur oliver lonsdale atkin (july 31, 1925 december 28, 2008), who published under the name a. o. l. atkin, was a british mathematician
- paul anthony atkin (born 3 september 1969 in nottingham , england ) is a former english footballer . atkin was on the bench for york when
- arthur w. atkin (14 may 1893 23 july 1952) was an english professional footballer who made 96 appearances in the football league
- pete atkin (born 22 august 1945) is a british singer-songwriter and radio producer notable for his 1970s musical collaborations with
- robin atkin downes is an english screen and voice actor, who is known for his work in live action , animation and video games .
- harvey atkin (born 18 december 1942 in toronto, ontario , canada ) is a canadian actor and voice actor who has worked in feature films
- victoria atkin (born 28 december 1986) is an english actress best known for playing the character jason costello , previously known as
- tim atkin is a british master of wine and an award-winning wine journalist, broadcaster and commentator. he is also a judge of several

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