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Aspirate As"pi*rate ([a^]s"p[i^]*r[asl]t), Aspirated As"pi*ra"ted (-r[=a]"t[e^]d), a. [L. aspiratus, p. p.] Pronounced with the h sound or with audible breath. But yet they are not aspirate, i. e., with such an aspiration as h. --Holder., Aspirate As"pi*rate, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Aspirated; p. pr. & vb. n. Aspirating.] [L. aspiratus, p. p. of aspirare to breathe toward or upon, to add the breathing h; ad + spirare to breathe, blow. Cf. Aspire.] To pronounce with a breathing, an aspirate, or an h sound; as, we aspirate the words horse and house; to aspirate a vowel or a liquid consonant.

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- 1997 , xliv(44th annual)fargo, north dakota , 'aspirat primo fortuna labori 'fortune smiles upon our first effort.') virgil ,
- procedure: file:loposuktion-aspirat. jpg , liposuction aspirate in all liposuction methods, there are certain things that should be done when

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