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Arrondissement Ar`ron`disse`ment", n. [F., fr. arrondir to make round; ad + rond round, L. rotundus.] A subdivision of a department. [France] Note: The territory of France, since the revolution, has been divided into departments, those into arrondissements, those into cantons, and the latter into communes.

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- arrondissement. (? , ? , r , ? , n , d , ? , s , m , ?n , t; a???dism?? , lang is any of various administrative division s of france ,
- the departments of senegal are subdivided into arrondissement s. as of 2007 there were 92. the arrondissements are listed below, by
- the 101 french departments are divided into 342 arrondissements which may be translated into english as districts. arrondissement/district
- the arrondissements of benin refer to the third-level administrative units of benin , after departments and communes . in turn they
- the ten departments of haiti are divided into 42 arrondissement s. the arrondissements are listed below, by department. haiti arrondissements.
- the city of paris is divided into twenty arrondissements municipaux , administrative districts, more simply referred to as arrondissements
- per region an overview of its municipalities (gemeenten/communes) and the district or administrative arrondissement these belong to can be
- the arrondissement of nancy is an arrondissement of france in the meurthe-et-moselle department in the lorraine region .
- the 4 arrondissements of the somme department are: arrondissement of abbeville , (subprefecture : abbeville ) with 12 cantons and 169
- the municipal arrondissement. (arrondissement municipal, a???dism?? mynisipal. is a subdivision of the commune , used in the three largest

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