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Archaeologist Ar`ch[ae]*ol"o*gist, n. One versed in arch[ae]ology; an antiquary. --Wright.

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- however, the methodologies employed by these archaeologists were highly flawed by today's standards, often having a eurocentric bias, and
- archaeologists working in this field, particularly the american archaeologists, to resist adoption of the new methods of 'processual archaeology '.
- however, as with terrestrial archaeology what survives to be investigated by modern archaeologists can often be a tiny fraction of the
- archaeologists who consider biblical scriptures to be legitimate historical documents have been attacked by mainstream scientific
- important australian archaeologists : this is a list of archaeologists who have made a notable contribution to the development of the subject
- xenoarchaeology is not currently practiced by mainstream archaeologists due to the current lack of any material for the discipline to
- date january 2008 the archaeology of china is researched intensively in the universities of the region and also attracts considerable
- the institute for archaeologists is a professional organisation for archaeologist s working in the united kingdom . it was founded in
- a county archaeologist is a local government employee in the united kingdom , responsible for overseeing development-led archaeological
- philip 'phil' harding, fsa (born 25 january 1950) is a british field archaeologist . he has become a familiar face on the channel 4

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