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- april is the fourth month of the year in the julian and gregorian calendar s, and one of four months with a length of 30 days .
- april is a calendar month. april may also refer to: april (given name) film : april (1998 film), a film by nanni moretti. april (1961 film), a
- april fools' day (alternatively april fool's day, sometimes all fools' day) is celebrated on april 1 every year. april 1 is not a national
- april: file:akashi-kaikyo bridge3. jpg , akashi-kaikyo bridge april 5 – in japan , the akashi-kaikyo bridge linking shikoku with honsh?
- april : april – the kuwaiti government claims to uncover an iraqi assassination plot against former u.s. president george bush shortly after
- april : april 2 mexican-american singer selena and guitarist chris pérez eloped in nueces county, texas . april 5 the assembly of bosnia
- april : april 1 the community charge (poll tax) takes effect in england and wales amid widespread protests. weeks and 3 days, until april 25 .
- april : april 1 – comedy central is launched in its current format. april 2 – government-imposed price increases double or triple the
- april: file:operationprayingmantis-is alvand. jpg , the iranian frigate, is alvand, attacked by us navy forces during operation praying mantis
- april : april 1 margaret thatcher 's new local government tax, the poll tax , is introduced in scotland . in namibia , fighting erupts

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