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Androgyne An"dro*gyne, n. 1. An hermaphrodite. 2. (Bot.) An androgynous plant. --Whewell.

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- gender identity: for humans, androgyne. (? , , n , d , r , ? , d? , a? , n an , dr?-jyn in terms of gender identity is a person who does not
- adam kadmon is a phrase in the religious writings of kabbalah meaning 'original man'. the oldest mainstream rabbinic source for the
- poetry : androgyne, mon amour (1977) selected works : gussow, mel and holditch, kenneth, eds. tennessee williams, plays 19371955 (library of
- ila is an androgyne in hindu mythology , known for his/her sex changes. as a man, he is known as ila (??) or sudyumna and as a woman, is
- androgyne: androgyny , l1 androgyny an androgyne is a person who cannot be classified into the typical gender roles of their society;
- a person who exhibits androgyny is sometimes called an androgyne. for plants and flowers see: hermaphroditism in plants ; and plant
- nathalie gassel's writing exposes her life as an athlete and details her muscular physique and is expressed in eros androgyne and
- she is also remembered for a collection of decadent novels and short stories, such as les androgynes (1903), les demi-sexes (1897), or
- in magick (book 4), crowley asserted that baphomet was a divine androgyne and 'the hieroglyph of arcane perfection. the devil does not exist
- 10 and 17 in the form of the 'hermetic androgyne' and nr. 19 in terms of christian iconography, showing mary flanked by the father , son

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