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- america usually refers to: the united states of america -, a country in north america. the americas -, a landmass comprising north and south
- america 3 (pronounced 'america cubed') is the name of both a racing yacht and syndicate that vied for the america's cup in 1992 and 1995.
- the united states has a very diverse population —31 ancestry groups have more than one million members white american s are the largest
- speakers of english generally refer to the landmass es of north america and south america as the americas, the western hemisphere , or the
- north america is a continent wholly within the northern hemisphere and almost wholly within the western hemisphere . the americas it is
- 'american indians' or simply 'indians'; this term has been adopted by major newspapers and some academic groups, but does not traditionally
- club de fútbol américa s.a. de c.v., commonly known as club américa or américa, is a mexican professional football club based in mexico
- the american revolutionary war (1775–1783), the american war of independence. british writers generally favor 'american war of independence
- org/files/counting%20american%20civilians%20abroad. pdf , title these are our numbers: civilian americans overseas and voter turnout , last1
- south america - is a continent located in the western hemisphere , mostly in the southern hemisphere , with a relatively small portion in

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