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Along A*long" [AS. gelang owing to.] (Now heard only in the prep. phrase along of.) Along of, Along on, often shortened to Long of, prep. phr., owing to; on account of. [Obs. or Low. Eng.] ``On me is not along thin evil fare.' --Chaucer. ``And all this is long of you.' --Shak. ``This increase of price is all along of the foreigners.' --London Punch., Along A*long", prep. By the length of, as distinguished from across. ``Along the lowly lands.' --Dryden. The kine . . . went along the highway. --1 Sam. vi. 12.

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- along may refer to: along, arunachal pradesh , a town in india. along airport , an airport in the state of arunachal pradesh, india
- plant habitats and communities along the river margins and banks are called riparian vegetation, characterized by hydrophilic plants .
- aalo earlier known as 'along' is a census town and headquarters of the west siang district of the india n state of arunachal pradesh .
- the nu people (c ?? , p nz; alternative names include nusu, anung, zauzou and along) are one of the 56 ethnic groups recognized by the
- arthur (art) donnell long (born october 1, 1972, in rochester, new york ) is an american former professional basketball player.
- sing-along, community singing, group singing, is an event of singing together at gatherings or parties, less formally than choir singing
- 'all along the watchtower' is a song written and recorded by the american singer-songwriter bob dylan . the song initially appeared on
- shuffle along is an african american musical revue with music and lyrics by noble sissle and eubie blake , and a connecting plot about a
- move along is the second studio album by american rock band the all-american rejects , released july 11, 2005 by interscope records .
- all along (7 april 1979 23 february 2005) was a champion thoroughbred racemare that was foaled in france she was one of the top fillies

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