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- alcinoe (???????) is the name that is attributed to two women in greek mythology : alcinoe, daughter of polybus of corinth and wife of
- bematistes alcinoe, the alcinoe bematistes, is a butterfly in the nymphalidae family. it is found in guinea-bissau , guinea , sierra
- bunaea alcinoe. b , ju? , ? , n , i? , ? , _ , , l , ? , s , ? , n , ? , ? , . , i?. or the cabbage tree emperor moth is an african moth
- antiblemma alcinoe is a moth of the noctuidae family. it is found in costa rica references : category:animals described in 1890 category:
- polybus was the true father of alcinoe . in virtually all accounts of the mythology, when oedipus reached adolescence, he consulted with
- husband of alcinoe amphilochus (genus), a genus of crustaceans. see also : amphilochius (disambiguation)
- adults of both sexes mimic the black and white females of acraea macaria and acraea alcinoe . references : category:animals described in 1987
- xanthus, lover of alcinoe , who left her family to be with him. xanthus, son of erymanthus and father of psophis. xanthus, husband of herippe
- alcinoe : alcinoe rosea mertens, 1833 alcinoe vermicularis rang 1828 ocyropsis : ocyropsis crystallina (rang, 1826) ocyropsis fusca (rang,
- dryas, father of amphilochus, the husband of alcinoe 8. dryas, one of the sons of aegyptus and polyxo . he married (and was murdered by)

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