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Affect Af*fect", n. [L. affectus.] Affection; inclination; passion; feeling; disposition. [Obs.] --Shak., Affect Af*fect", n. (Psychotherapy) The emotional complex associated with an idea or mental state. In hysteria, the affect is sometimes entirely dissociated, sometimes transferred to another than the original idea.

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- when used as an action or verb , affect means to change, and usually refers to an emotion or symptom . affected, when used in a
- affect refers to the experience of feeling or emotion . date december 2012 affect is a key part of the process of an organism 's
- affective computing is the study and development of systems and devices that can recognize, interpret, process, and simulate human affects .
- in psychology , affect is an emotion or subjectively experienced feeling. affect theory attempts to organize affects into discrete
- affect (latin affectus or adfectus) is a concept used in the philosophy of baruch spinoza and elaborated by http://web. archive.
- dispositional affect, similar to mood , is a personality trait or overall tendency to respond to situations in stable, predictable ways.
- in linguistics, speaker affect is attitude or emotion that a speaker brings to an utterance. affects such as sarcasm, contempt, dismissal
- the doctrine of the affections, also known as the doctrine of affects, doctrine of the passions, theory of the affects, or by the german
- in psychology , affect display or affective display is a subject's externally displayed affect . the display can be by facial, vocal, or
- blunted affect is the scientific term describing a lack of emotion al reactivity (affect display ) on the part of an individual.

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