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Abbess Ab"bess ([a^]b"b[e^]s), n. [OF. abaesse, abeesse, F. abbesse, L. abbatissa, fem. of abbas, abbatis, abbot. See Abbot.] A female superior or governess of a nunnery, or convent of nuns, having the same authority over the nuns which the abbots have over the monks. See Abbey.

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- abbès is a surname. notable people with the surname include: frédéric abbès , french archaeologist. hachem abbès (born 1986), tunisian
- abbé (from latin abbas, in turn from greek ?????  abbas father , from aramaic abba the right to nominate 255 abbés commendataires for almost
- abbe may refer to: people : abbe (name) places : abbe (crater), a lunar impact crater that is located in the southern hemisphere on the far side
- ernst karl abbe (january 23, 1840 – january 14, 1905) was a german physicist , abbe's contemporary h. e. fripp, english translator of
- hachem abbès (born december 1, 1986 in sfax ) is a tunisia n footballer who currently plays for widzew ?ód? in the polish ekstraklasa .
- the expectation of obtaining these sinecure s drew young men towards the church in considerable numbers, and the class of abbés so formed—
- the municipality in almería, spain , vícar the chilean donald duck artist , vicar (comics) a vicar (? , v , ? , k , ?r; latin : vicarius )
- the abbé (or abbey or abbay), are an akan people who live predominately in the ivory coast , and number 580,000 abbés speak the akan
- cleveland abbe (december 3, 1838 – october 28, 1916) was an american meteorologist the library of congress holds abbe's papers, which
- béni abbès (??? ????), also known as the pearl of the saoura and also as the white oasis is a town and commune located in western algeria

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