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Pennywort Pen"ny*wort`, n. (Bot.) A European trailing herb (Linaria Cymbalaria) with roundish, reniform leaves. It is often cultivated in hanging baskets. March, or Water, pennywort. (Bot.) See under March.

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- linaria cymbalaria (l.) mill. cymbalaria muralis (ivy-leaved toadflax or kenilworth ivy) is a flowering plant native to mediterranean
- linaria is a genus of about 100 species of herb aceous annuals and perennials antirrhinum (snapdragons) and cymbalaria (ivy-leaved toadflaxes).
- cymbalaria is a genus of about 10 species of herbaceous perennial plant s it is closely related to the genera linaria and antirrhinum ,
- cymbalaria linaria misopates nuttallanthus
- wort plants: linaria cymbalaria . also, any one of a number of peltate-leaved plants. watercup; trumpetleaf. also gotu kola (centella
- closely related genera include the linaria (eurasian toadflaxes), antirrhinum (snapdragons) and cymbalaria (ivy-leaved toadflaxes).
- cymbalaria hill. epixiphium (engelm. ex a.gray) munz genera: file:bacopa monnieri w img 1612. linaria mill. lophospermum d.don mabrya elisens
- cymbalaria muralis scrophulariaceae: 4 , buddleja fallowiana linaria amethystea linaria maroccana paulownia tomentosa verbascum 'snow maiden
- 3. cymbalaria hill. , - lange , - , class dicotyledoneae : orders 1-25 order family 5. linaria mill. , - , 7. misopates rafin. , - , 8.
- filiformis , crocus minimus , cymbalaria aequitriloba , delphinium pictum integerrima , limonium merxmuelleri , linaria arcusangeli , mentha

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