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Hermaphrodeity Her*maph`ro*de"i*ty, n. Hermaphrodism. --B. Jonson.

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- in religious belief , a deity. (audio en-uk-deity1. ogg , ? , d , i? , . , ? , t , i or. audio en-uk-deity2. ogg , ? , d , e? , . ,
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- this is a list of forgotten realms deities . they are all deities that appear in the fictional forgotten realms campaign setting of the
- ancient egyptian deities are the gods and goddess es who were worshipped in ancient egypt . the beliefs and rituals surrounding these
- this is a list of deities of dungeons & dragons, including all of the 3.5 edition gods and powers of the 'core setting' for the dungeons &
- 'true' supreme being and creator of the universe this deity is called aten in the hebrew bible 'i am that i am ', and the 'tetragrammaton
- throughout the empire, the deities of peoples in the provinces were given new theological interpretations in light of functions or
- was a local deity of thebes . he was attested since the old kingdom together with his spouse amaunet . with the 11th dynasty (c.
- the exact nature of belief in regards to each deity varies between differing hindu denominations and philosophies . often these beings
- temples are usually dedicated to a primary deity along with associated subordinate deities though some commemorate multiple deities.

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