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Ascribe As*cribe", v. t. [imp. & p. p. Ascribed; p. pr. & vb. n. Ascribing.] [L. ascribere, adscribere, to ascribe; ad + scribere to write: cf. OF. ascrire. See Scribe.] 1. To attribute, impute, or refer, as to a cause; as, his death was ascribed to a poison; to ascribe an effect to the right cause; to ascribe such a book to such an author. The finest [speech] that is ascribed to Satan in the whole poem. --Addison. 2. To attribute, as a quality, or an appurtenance; to consider or allege to belong. Syn: To Ascribe, Attribute, Impute. Usage: Attribute denotes, 1. To refer some quality or attribute to a being; as, to attribute power to God. 2. To refer something to its cause or source; as, to attribute a backward spring to icebergs off the coast. Ascribe is used equally in both these senses, but involves a different image. To impute usually denotes to ascribe something doubtful or wrong, and hence, in general literature, has commonly a bad sense; as, to impute unworthy motives. The theological sense of impute is not here taken into view. More than good-will to me attribute naught. --Spenser. Ascribes his gettings to his parts and merit. --Pope. And fairly quit him of the imputed blame. --Spenser.

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- throughout an individual's life and are inseparable from the positive or negative stereotypes that are linked with one's ascribed statuses.
- it is ascribed to the hindu sage valmiki and form's an important part of the hindu literature (sm?ti ),considered to be itih?asa.
- the term is often used in discussions of how people with a certain ascribed characteristic are systematically treated differently than
- a miracle is an event not ascribable to human power or the laws of nature and consequently attributed to a supernatural , especially divine
- racialization or ethnicization is a concept in sociology describing the processes of ascribing ethnic or racial identities to a
- several important sanskrit works are ascribed to one or more authors of this name, and a great deal of scholarship has been devoted over
- the vivekachudamani (sanskrit : ????????????) is a famous sanskrit poem ascribed to adi shankara. shah-kazemi , 2006 , p 4 in the eighth
- one definition of social transformation is the process by which an individual alters the socially ascribed social status of their parents
- the following is a list of the speakers found in the dialogues traditionally ascribed to plato , including extensively quoted, indirect and
- attributes are ascribable, by a subject, whereas properties are possessible date january 2012 in contemporary philosophy the idea of

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